Lady Boss

A little recap and grateful heart post

First of, I’m grateful for Erin @sweetfresno who checked in with me this morning to make sure I’m on track with all of my to-dos and especially writing this post. And second of, I’ve been part of an awesome online community for the past 2 weeks with Reina and company @reinaandcompany who will be teaching me how I will be able to pick out my dream client in order to grow this nice little business of mine. 


These past 2 weeks have been extremely busy. Busy in a very good way thought. My own business is as busy as it has ever been and everything at my 9-5 is going pretty swimmingly. 

I started with the aforementioned program that is helping me to find my dream client. Noodling about who I have worked with in the past and who I would love to keep working with in the future is difficult. But what I can say is that I have, over the years, worked very successfully with other women. Often it was women who were about to start or had just started their own business and through word of mouth they heard about me and what I do. I love meeting and consulting with my clients. Seeing the spark in someones’ eyes when they passionately talk about their business and then being able to help them be successful in said business is an unbelievable feeling and accomplishment. Seeing that I helped someone get their business off the ground and be as successful as they can be is amazing. Walking into a store and seeing the logo on the wall that you came up with next to marketing materials and bottle tags you designed is what I think almost every designer lives for. Check out what I did a few years back for my lady bosses at Art of Wax

This week had more ups than downs and the one down I had was from a client who was not happy about my pricing. For some reason I start doubting myself and start rethinking whether I’m charging people too much, but at the end of the day, I have had many clients and also many RETURNING clients which makes me very proud of what I have created within the last few years. The one client that made me doubt my prices juuuuuuuust a tiny bit, was a man… He is, NO DOUBT, not my dream client and will probably not be coming back to me, unless he has issues with his files. That’s okay.

I will keep thinking about who else my dream client would be but for now, if you are an eager and hard-working lady boss out there and you need a beautiful and well-thought out identity for your business, but you don’t want to download a $5 logo from Fiverr, shoot me a message