Forbes AI

‘Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.’

- Bobby Unser

I guess we were kind of prepared but we were definitely faced with an opportunity (of maybe a lifetime) when we were told we had a week to finish this first issue of a 70-something page publication. 
We did it and are very proud of the magazine we produced. Actually being able to hold a printed piece of work in your hands is worth all the late nights, the back and forth via email and phone, the small things you missed, and all the time spent saving out file after file. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most transformative business force in the world today. 

To prepare organizations for this new era, Forbes partnered with Intel to do a year long exploration into AI. These series of AI publications will highlight new Forbes Insights research and provide actionable, informative content that will help companies navigate this changing landscape.

Each publication consists of five sections of content, with each being a different color and range from 75-90 pages.


“Just wanted to tell you—thought you did an awesome awesome job on the AI magazine. You really hit the mark on it”

- Creative Director, Forbes