Deutschland | December 2015

In December of 2015 I traveled to Germany to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my parents. The small town of Erwitte is where I grew up. It has been and will always be my home. Being home, spending quality time with my parents, enjoying mom’s home cooked food, drinking wine, sitting together, talking, laughing, and going to bed late was the time off that I needed. Erwitte is a small town where you can barely go to the supermarket without running into someone you know. My mom gets her eggs from neighbors up the street who have their chickens running around in a big pasture all day long. Needless to say, those are happy chickens and happy chickens lay beautiful eggs. 

We went for walks to the local stable because I had to sniff some horses. It was chilly but not as cold as expected, which leads to flowers blooming in December. 

Afterwards, my mom started baking!!! The cake was delicious because it was made with lots of love (and eggs from happy chickens). 

New Year's Eve came around way too quickly and we spent it sitting together, watching comedy shows on TV until it was time to go outside. There is not that much going on anymore on our street but it was nice being there. Germany, I will see you again soon!!!