Wills Park Equestrian Center | Hunter Jumper

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the air was autumn fresh and the equestrian’s adrenalin at Wills Park Equestrian Center was at an all-time high. Dressed in beige breeches, dark coats, and shiny boots, they all were mounted atop their meticulously groomed steeds. Spectators were able to see a pretty large variety of horses all the way from small, cuddly teddy bear-like ponies to beautiful gipsy vanners.

Riders and horses were waiting to enter the arena in order to show their hunter jumper skills from simply walking, trotting, cantering to jumping over obstacles. The ladies from Take Flight Academy were amongst these equestrians and they are a group of terrific girls who support and cheer for each other.

 It is always a privilege to be around these ladies and their horses since they greet you with a warm smile and a hug and, very patiently, answer every question I might have. The days are long but even the youngest of the bunch sit, watch and cheer until the sun goes down and the last girl has proven her skill in the arena.

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