Hi there!


Since I enjoy meeting and getting to know new potential clients, I like for them to also have a chance to know a little about me.

I’ve been an animal person my entire life and since I’ve added more fur kids to our family, it has become a passion of mine to capture them in various stages of their lives. Two of our cats are 18 years old and having taken pictures of them is something I will never regret since those will be special memories one day. The same goes for our Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix Penny who will be 3. Her puppy stage came and went and I’m happy to have so many (some would say way too many) pictures. She is a happy and healthy pup and hopefully I will be able to capture a lot more happy stages in her life.

Whether it’s a person or a dog, a beautiful headshot simply makes my day. I love planning. I love making lists and adding small checkmarks next to accomplished tasks.