Hi there!


I let Target, Home Goods, and TJMaxx tell me what I need.

I need one cup of coffee with a big splash of almond milk; I’m trying to move away from dairy.

Some days, even when it’s sunny out, I like to binge watch TV all day, and it’s mostly really bad ‘reality’ TV.

I love spending time with my dog Penny. She is a 2 and a half year old, canine good citizen certified Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix (some people call her a pit bull, which isn’t even a real breed, but that’s a different conversation).

I came to the States as an Au Pair (live-in nanny), met my now-husband during that time, decided to go to school here, and have never left. I started my American adventure in the beautiful state of New Jersey (South Jersey, that is), where I met some of my best friends. 

I like to go back to Germany twice a year since I now have a little niece.

My sister lived in the States for almost 20 years before moving back to Germany. We grew very close over the years she and I lived in the same area. We loved to eat sushi and drink wine together.

Besides by a dog, our household is also run by 4 cats. Two of them are 18 years old and harass us for water from the faucet and canned tuna on a daily basis. 

We bought the most beautiful house with a huge backyard. I love decorating for the holidays and Halloween, also our anniversary, is one of my favorite times a year.

Recently, I consulted Jenni Maroney (@jennimaroney) to take a look at my website and sure enough she had some great and very valuable input on how to improve certain areas. One of her suggestions was to let people know more about ME and not just upload a resume and be done with it. So, here it goes. I jotted down some ideas that came to mind when I really had to think about my weirdnesses and quirks. I don’t think I’ve ever written any of this down and I’m sure that some of the people in my life could add a whole lot more to this list. 

First and foremost, I’ve so far in life been very lucky in that I simply love what I do. I love design, I love clean lines, I love geometric shapes, and I love when things line up perfectly (in design as well as in life in general). I’m a virgo and therefore a perfectionist. I love photography and a beautiful headshot simply makes my day.

The reason I started getting into graphic design was my love for magazines, especially Vogue. I wanted to work for Vogue and do their editorial layout. Today, I specialize in both, print and digital design, with particular interest in branding and editorial design. 

I love planning. I love making lists and adding small checkmarks next to accomplished tasks. This is, again, where the perfectionist comes in. But I also think this helps me be efficient and stay productive. 

I liked going to school most years. I loved College. I did well. While going to school, I babysat in order to pay my way through college. I started at the Art Institute of Philadelphia but transferred back to Rowan College at Burlington County where I graduated summa cum laude in 2010.